Ideas of March and 011 Plans

Taking inspiration from Rich Bowen (from Chris Shiflett) here’s a blog entry to celebrate a hopefully Joyous Spring after yesterday’s Equinox and Supermoon.

Ideas of March #ideasofmarch

  • Blogs are a great social CV, far better and long-lived than Twitter et al. Think of your blog as the world’s way to see what you think is important, and how well you play with others. A great compliment to a more traditional CV.
  • Blogs for me can be cathartic: oftentimes writing down great little ideas I have (even if they’re the kind that are only great in those 30 seconds before you fall asleep) helps get them out of my system, or even evolve them into something useful.
  • Blogs can encourage meaningful conversations, or at least conversations you remember. There’s far too much immediate topical stuff or cheap jokes or riffs on Twitter for it to really make you think bigger.

011 Plans

  • Blog more – well, blog some: target monthly. Check!
  • Edit more. Write drafts, save them, and come back to finish.
  • Get my average weight down below my past two decade’s average weight (which was amazingly stable for years and years; basically before my daughter was born). In progress – close!
  • Post some of my Domino designs and ideas. I’ve built so many Domino apps in the past 6 years that I have a bunch of reusable design patterns that I really like. Plus the bleed yellow people seem pretty cool.
  • Start my daughter’s post-college fund. We have some money for college; this is for her to use afterward.
  • Upgrade all blog and email and feed reader software and centralize domains to simplify my brain. I recommend Dreamhost for domains and hosting.
  • Organize and document all of the ASF’s branding policy, including training for all PMCs on how to effectively self-manage trademarks. Working on it.
  • Eat fruit every day. Most days.
  • Exercise at least 4 times a week. So far!

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