Cambridgeside Starbucks’ Perfect Oatmeal Isn’t

This is the third time in a row I haven’t gotten nuts or raisins with my “Perfect” oatmeal at the Cambridgeside Galleria Starbucks. Plus, today it arrived in a ‘tall’ cup, with no where near enough hot (or hot enough) water in it. If you’re a corporate giant labeling something “Perfect”, you’ve gotta do a better job of policing your stores to ensure they actually come close to your goal.

The cup thing was a surprise today, and makes it harder to eat – but from comments the staff was making, it seems to be a regular thing at this Starbucks location. I know it’s in a mall, but it’s still got a significant percentage of regulars from the numerous local offices – so it’s time to step up and do a better job.

I know, not much of a rant, but with a toothache making me consider only soft foods, it’s all I can do for the moment.

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