Recently Eeenteresting Musings

A grab bag of things this week.

  • Douglas Hofstadter lectures and books. Sometimes overly intellectual, but often a real delight to read if you think about them. Sadly, I bet my GEB is lost at in my dad’s house (which means: lost forever). HT to someone on Planet Apache.
  • OK GO’s This Too Shall Pass is teh awesum! Nice letter by an artist explaining their issues with labels – and one of the biggest Rube Goldberg machines ever set to music (seems even bigger than The Cog).
  • Cat humor escaped – better than lol – and was obvious to me, at least, although I can understand that the majority of humans might not get it.
  • Unfortunately Storrow Drive is still messed up. No, Virginia, the lane drop outbound at Fenway definitely feels more dangerous to me than it was before – even accounting for incoming Fenway traffic now having a free ride. Yuck.
  • MW2 players only: You know you’ve been playing too much when you catch a glimpse of a low flying plane at a certain angle, and immediately think it’s an AC130.
  • Engineering Paradise can be true – although it’s often not as kitchy as this most excellent video. Requires a wide mix of geekery to recognize all the jokes and equipment used.
  • Note: If anyone has a discount they can pass on to FiOS service to me, that’d be great; we’re planning to switch (but only for phone and internet, not TV). #RCN #Fail too many times. LOL quoted from support: “It’s not unusual for a cable modem to need a reboot every couple of weeks.”
  • The best stretch for a tie-in goes to Bret’s Food Writer’s Diary use of Sara Palin merely as a hook to get more readers. If you like that trick and do open source or technology, however, you should really #followfriday @joesuf, because we’re trying to get him more followers than @shanecurcuru this year.

Leading letters go out to The One I Love. 😎

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