Cat feeding schedule tips?

Lucas, our beloved 17 year old Siamese, and the nicest cat you’ll probably ever meet, had a seizure last night, and now needs both more medications and a even more special diet – and now, no dry food anymore.

Since we have two other lady cats who do need to eat dry food, we need to switch them from self-feeding dry food to having scheduled feedings. We’ve always had good luck with self-feeding dry food (with scheduled wet food on occasion) in the past, so it’s been a while since we’ve taken all the food away and only brought it out on a schedule.

Any tips on switching the ladies to only scheduled dry food feedings? I think they’ll both adapt eventually, since they are very social cats and are used to following us around, but I’m concerned about how best to make the switch without upsetting everyone anymore than our recent vet trips have done.

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