Buying anything on Black Friday?

So what deals are you looking for tomorrow on Black Friday? And how many people are actually going out to the store, versus just shopping online, especially with the large number of retailers promising similar prices?

And for the non-US readers out there: does anyone else have similar sales tomorrow, or is it completely restricted to the US? Just wondering how if anyone elsewhere was going to try to order something on sale from the Amazon US store for shipping elsewhere, for example.

Hey, where did the black friday boycott stuff go? Wasn’t there a move a while back to go all non-consumer instead in the past?

2 thoughts on “Buying anything on Black Friday?

  1. I'm much more familiar with the “Buy Nothing Day” concept, and was just thinking of it a few days ago when I got an Apple ad email about the “Biggest Shopping Event of the Year”. The contrast was really quite sickening and made my resolve not to buy anything quite a bit stronger.

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