My afternoon, via Starbucks Via

Have you tried Starbucks Via (TM) yet? It’s interesting – certainly far better than the average coffee, but still unlikely to be confused with a good brewed coffee from Peets or Starbucks.

Via, in case you haven’t seen, is tiny tiny packages of finely ground coffee and instant coffee; just add hot water and stir. Voila, instant… instant coffee that’s better than Maxwell House. You do end up with a tiny bit of smutz in the bottom of your cup; it seems that besides the marketing schtick their real innovation is combining instant dried coffee powder with microground fresh beans.

The outer packaging is very pretty, although sadly over-large for what it needs to do. The individual pouches are tiny! Very cute little pencil-thin packets for each individual cup.

Note that the Cambridgeside Galleria is selling the Via boxes for $1 off today, so if you are interested it’s a good time to stock up.


Today I was given two free packets of Starbucks Via (TM) Colombian when purchasing a box of Italian Roast (at a discount). The counter staff asked if I’d tried the Columbian, and offered me a couple of extras with my box. No other agreement was made; the packets were freely given, not requested, and there was no expectation express or implied of any value in return. I have never before sought not received free or discounted Starbucks Via (TM) products in the past. This post is solely my own idea, and is not compensated by Starbucks, it’s affiliates, marketing companies, stockholders, or any other entity. This blog post was also physically posted while using a free Starbucks AT&T wifi connection. No Starbucks staff were consulted about this post, nor did anyone suggest this post to me. A preview of this post was not supplied to Starbucks legal, marketing, or other teams, nor indeed to anyone at all. No Google AdWords nor other internet advertising services were used nor will be used to profit me, my family, my employer, nor any other organization I am affiliated with in conjunction with this post. Astute readers should note that this disclaimer is neither complete, nor terribly useful.

In fact, the main reason I wrote this post is to have an excuse to write a DISCLAIMER to address the new FTC guidelines on bloggers and compensation. Feh. Yes, people should be responsible about affilations, but hey – the devil’s in the details, and heavy handed government rules about technology are difficult to get right.

Anyway, I like Peets better.

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