Awesome new business idea

I have an awesome new business idea. I came up with it while drinking DD with friends after eating Korean food at H Mart, so it must be good. But I have no worldly idea of how to actually find the right people to see if it would fly. Sigh.

Seriously – it’s amazing. OK, we were sitting around for a while and yakking it up, and maybe I’m a little out there, but I think it actually has potential for a new niche market someplace. Involves licensing management (in areas that understand licenses but aren’t usually managed like this), and usefully targeted advertising (yuck, I know, but hey, the “useful” applies to consumers and advertisers alike). Requires web presence much like dozens of other sites use, but fits a niche that’s simultaneously narrow and yet broad (depending on how you look at it).

The idea has nothing to do with what I do for a living or volunteering at the ASF. The question is, do I actually know anyone I trust who could evaluate it and might know the right place to sell it?

One thought on “Awesome new business idea

  1. I know a bit about license management in the media industry. From an engineers perspective “they” get it wrong. I once thought I could “fix” the mess, as did (and do) many others.

    It is hard to do any kind of online and/or tech-centric company to help them get it right, because

    (a) the problem is hard,
    (b) the problem space with its use cases is changing rapidly
    (c) people that do license management are in a position of significant power that is threatened by introducing a software system (or any 3rd party),
    (d) having flakey/approximate license management actually makes good business sense (it supports the very human buy/sell dynamic) but is _really_ hard to support in software,
    (e) DRM is mostly an illusion but the industry probably still has to buy into it for similar, also complicated, social/political reasons; that's hard to marry with an open/transparent system based on real rules.

    Do feel free to send me your idea in an e-mail and I'll try and poke some holes in it :-).

    Finally (and harshly, sorry), it is not likely to be worth hiding an idea like this, its likely not as unique as you imagine. The hard bit is likely the actual execution (with devils in details and such) rather than coming up with the basics.

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