OBEY Cheese Friday: A Fish

This one goes out to Y-T, glen, the Stratton crowd, and everyone who knows the 4th Dimension Man.

Last Science Friday’s show on NPR was about cheese – well, at least a little. I listened with appetite, since I like cheese, but what really struck my ear was one of the public radio supporters who was mentioned during the non-commercial break. It was Shepard Fairey. Now I do like his art, and I am from the Boston area and have seen the MFA show, but I always found it a little cheesy that a street artist who started as counterculture has gone so far corporate in self-promotion that he’s turned around to be a non-advertiser (supporter, right?) of NPR. Especially during a show on cheese.

R.I.P. Andre, as well, he seemed so nice as Fezzik.

– – – –

WARNING: if you are planning on seeing District 9 (the movie), and suffer from motion sickness, USE CAUTION. The film features extensive use of steadicams. Was fun.

– – – –

Watching Moon was much more thought provoking, and a better movie overall. GERTY totally makes up for almost everything that HAL did.

– – – –

Flickr reportedly hosts “1 photo per every 2 people on the planet”. Does that represent a greater dis-proportionality of effective voice per person than ever before, or what?

– – – –

I realized one of the reasons I love summer: the smells. There are a lot more – a half-dozen very strong ones (from manure, to cooking food, to skunk, to fresh grass and pleasantly moist summer air) on my late-night highway drive tonight. They were surprisingly well defined, and lasted quite a long time even as I was speeding along with all the windows open.

– – – –

Oh, and the fish is a reference to that classic joke:

How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?

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