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@monkchips 77AgencyLondon’s recent tweet says it all: “How social media can resurrect your brand’s reputation”… or not.

@ndw Lesson to world: always sanitize inputs. You never know what someone else will think that punctuation means otherwise.

@ndw Funny, I think #twhirl displayed ’s incorrectly in it’s pop-up, but correctly in the main stream window

@jimjag Amen, brother! I keep thinking ASF should take more leadership in defining the conversation somehow. Oh, to find time…

@gdaniels liberate liberate liberate

RT @FoodWriterDiary: I’d love your opinion of Spanish food in US and @sgala post (in Spanish) were simultaneous

/me questions if small batches of stock options are really worth it given how annoying US taxes are to do.

RT @zzqa: Greasemonkey un-tinys URLs inline: First compelling reason I’ve seen to install it.

@alberttwong I’ll pay the first 29.95 for their convenience – before, had gotten rebate city paying for everything else. Oops. kthxbye!

Ah, forgot how evil TurboTax is. State downloads on Basic version are charged separately: $40 – waaaay more than I remember.

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