Questions: Printing quick t-shirts?

I just had a couple of brainstorms for really witty t-shirts – where should I get them printed? I have my ASFSwag CafePress store, although they’re expensive and not good for bulk orders. When I have time – probably over ApacheCon – I’ll setup at least basic stores on Zazzle as well, to give people the option.

But for bulk orders – the occasional funny shirt or community message that I want to spread around – where I’m willing to front some money for shirts – where do people go? Whurley pointed me to the seemingly excellent Sanctuary Printshop, but being in Texas is not so good for quick delivery of a big box of 50 shirts. Anyplace local? (Where local is defined as inside of 495).

Oh, and I have a new blog: in case you don’t read me on the upgraded Planet Apache, you should go see Community Over Code as well for thoughts about community, and especially about ApacheCon Europe 2009.

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