Congrats to Hadoop on NYT coverage – except…

It astounds me that there’s a lengthy NYT article on Hadoop – clearly with plenty of research, given the different companies and people involved – about an Apache project that never once mentions the ASF or includes the word “Apache” in it.

I sure wish the NYT technology writers would learn how to appropriately refer to ASF projects, just like any other company’s trademarked names, and call it “Apache Hadoop” at least once.

Sigh. Guess I’ll need to work with the PRC (and find time around ApacheCon) to finish writing and finalizing the ASF’s trademark attribution guidelines sooner rather than later.

Hey – congrats to Hadoop on scoring prime coverage. Did anyone check the logs to see if you got a lot of new downloads or server hits today? Oh, wait – the article doesn’t link to the project at all. Ooops!

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