Resolutions 2009

Post > 5 items per week
Blogging (or writing comments, etc.) is creative work, and creative work makes me feel like I can do more. To cliche, to be the change you wish to see, you have to do it first. That’s either in the larger world, or for yourself (like this blog is).
Get physical exercise every day
Brisk walks around the block or doing simple weights at home count. Swimming is the best though.
Deploy one new project per quarter
Insert “personal” there. I have all sorts of ideas about community, open source, and swag/tshirts – I just need to do them.
Spend more time with family
Duh. Insert “quality” in there; it’s about avoiding the day’s stress and avoiding too much multitasking. I’m starting to understand when people say we should let kids be kids for as long as possible.


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