2 thoughts on ““I found a home in the army.”

  1. A good movie, I used the infamous line “I found a home in the army.” all the way through my military training, and continue to use it everytime I get frustrated with the mindless nonsense. I still haven’t run into anyone who knows where the quote came from, even though I’m in the 101st.

    • Wow, can’t believe you haven’t found *anyone* who remembers that one. It’s classic, although perhaps since I’ve seen the movie a half-dozen times I’m a little biased.

      Hooo-haa! And tip your hat next Monday, 20-June at 10AM Eastern, as we’ll be attending a family memorial service at the Cadet Chapel for two of my relatives who were West Point grads – including my grandfather, CPT (RET) E.H. Curcuru, who was with the 101st at Bastogne, where he left behind a few bones from his wrist, and took home one extra bit of shrapnel.

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