Resting before a new day dawns

It will certainly be a nice new day for many of us tomorrow. Personally, I’m just focusing on getting some sleep before I help open up ApacheCon tomorrow morning at 9AM, welcoming everyone and introducing the one of the ASF’s founders and it’s current chairman, Jim Jagielski for his State of the Feather presentation.

Then the real fun begins with our first keynote from David Recordon on creating open web specifications. Then start our sessions, welcome reception and keysigning, evening parties, and so many other goodies you’ll have to just see the website for more.

Since I’m sadly behind in blogging due to too many things to do as conference lead, I’ll spare my regular readers from liveblogging here, and simply record my ApacheCon Experiences on another page. I hope to even include restaurant reviews, since we’ve hit a couple of good ones so far.

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