Merry Christmas!

For those who celebrate that kind of thing, anyway.

If it were just one store doing it, just one store, I’d think they’re off their rocker, and wouldn’t shop there. And if two stores, two stores put up Christmas displays, in harmony, I’d think they’re both crazy and walk on out of there. And if three stores do it, three, can you imagine three stores with pre-lit Christmas trees in the middle of Indian Summer all decorated out, I’d think they’re getting organized and in cahoots with each other.

But if all these stores – can you imagine, I mean, I’ve seen all these stores all decorated up with Christmas goods, and walking by pre-lit Christmas trees, and I keep walking out – well, friends, you may think it’s a movement. The overly commercialized, anti-Halloween massacre movement, pushing out all the goodly chocolate of the night and wiggling skeletons and scary masks from the stores, just to sell you more strands of lights practically all year round.

HT 2 UH from AppleFoot as well for spotting Sears’ pre-lit trees complete with legwarmers.

All I want for Christmas is my back…

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