French Toast Alert? Not in the French Quarter!

  Actually, I am affected by the recent French Toast Alert, which was just upgraded to Guarded as the result of the forecast for snow, albeit mostly in the ‘burbs, and not in the Hub proper. I’d say that it starts earlier every year, but then again, this is New England, so it could snow at any time. I fondly recall a foot+ snowstorm one May long ago, which thoroughly covered the bright pink azalea bushes my father had in the side yard at the time.

Nope, I’m still wearing shorts today, and am looking forward to wearing them at least part of next week too, for I shall be next to the French Quarter enjoying 70F days next week attending lovely ApacheCon US. If you’re attending too, please add your favorite links to our handy ApacheCon wiki, where everyone can participate. The famous Sally has already done her part in adding a ton of suggestions for FoodNewOrleans, and we still need more BOF Proposals too.

In any case, even if it does blizzard tomorrow, we’re fine: I bought eggs, bread, and milk yesterday, so my family is secure even in the case of Weather.

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