ApacheCon Early Bird expires; Keynotes!; blogging

Reminder: the early bird prices for ApacheCon US 2008 – for attendees and committers alike – expire at midnight tonight, eastern time. Note that we’ve also reduced (but not eliminated) the actual bump in price for committers to help people get to New Orleans this year.

In any case, you’ll want to make travel plans as soon as practical, especially if you’d like to stay in the conference hotel: the room block rate expires on October 13th. There are often people who are looking to room share as well; ask around if you’re interested in that option.

I’m very happy to announce that we now have 3 confirmed keynote speakers! It looks like a great lineup, and I’m excited to meet them all myself. Just as a teaser:

  • A very experienced speaker from a major software company, talking about how to get open source working inside corporate environments.
  • A young pioneer in social media technologies like OpenID, talking about how The Apache Way can help in the standards world as well as in the software world.
  • A relation to the Apache community, talking about how the software we build can be used in the governmental arena to have a positive impact on people.

Also, if you are speaking or training at ApacheCon, please be sure to blog about your sessions, and publicize them on your project website or in other appropriate communities. We have badges for your website; just ask!

Hey – many thanks to Grant and Erik who both submitted their ApacheCon EU 2009 submissions as soon as the CFP opened. Get yours in quick; it’s a short CFP!

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