Maine is dark

Really dark. You just can’t believe how vastly deeply inkly dark it is. I mean you may think it’s awfully dark in your bedroom when you turn out the lights and close the door, but that’s just twinkles compared to Maine. And you haven’t stayed in Maine until you hear the loons on the lake in the middle of the night. Spooky, unless you’ve heard them before, and then it’s just eerie.

We had a lovely family vacation up at a cabin on the lake. Yes, it’s near Waterford, and no, it’s not at Papoose Pond, although one set of our previous neighbors stay there, and several other neighbors stay within a town or two of us. It’s odd how many New Englanders we’ve met who not only spend summer vacation in Maine, but spend it within a few miles of where we do.

Sadly, cell phone service is only on the highways, my dial-up was less than anemic, and the nearest wifi was over 20 min drive away, as well as my firewall acting up, hence I’ve been offline for the past weekend. Although I feel bad about missing a few things, it really was relaxing. I went just over 3 days without using a computer at all, and I can’t remember the last time I’d done that for… possibly years. While it’s a good thing to get completely away from work and such for a while, it still could have been useful to use teh internets for all those little convenient things, like ordering something online, checking the weather, and good gods, Google Maps would have been handy for exploring around there.

In any case, the weather was beautiful and we not only took out the canoe but also the little outboard skiff and got to cruise through the ponds. Quite spiffy.

Anyway, I’m back now. We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

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