How long did you wait for an iPhone?

I didn’t.

Galleria:Apple Store:Line But I did take a couple of pics at the Galleria, and was highly amused to see the disparity of line between the Apple store – admittedly a much cooler place to buy – and the AT&T storefront in the mall. And this was at 10AM, mind you!

I will be getting one at some point, but I don’t need to stand in line on opening day. Anyway, the only cool place to stand in line would have been the flagship Boston Boylston store – I wonder how many liveblogs were sent from there overnight? Not nearly enough from my googling so far. I can’t decide who’s more the true apple geek: those who went for the camaraderie of waiting in front of the giant glowing apples, or those like Jenny who simply plotted out where the nearest under-crowded AT&T store (or other carrier, if you don’t live in the US) was on their way to work.

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