Wrong, Wrong, All Wrong Your Chart Is!

Yesterday’s op-ed in the NYT features a graphic that purports to be a flowchart leading from early exposure to D&D to roleplaying in the modern world using Google. The number of obvious errors in this picture clearly show that the author was not using a structured editor, because clearly it could never compile in even the laxest of flowchart editors, having multiple “Yes” elements for decision nodes, poor color coding without clear categorization, endless loops, and a clear disalignment of his oscillation overthruster.

I’ll have to leave a full analysis of the picture’s (I can’t in all honesty call it a flowchart, being an engineer myself) shortcomings as an exercise to the reader. At least there’s one small bit of sense – in the conceptual sense, clearly not the syntactic sense – in the node preceeding the multiple “No” nodes.

Anyway, we don’t game alone – we have quite a crowd – and recently we’ve been doing it at the dining room table, not the basement. So that node is clearly wrong too. Doesn’t the NYT know how to use validation checking on their diagram editors?

HT to BigHeadDennis.

One thought on “Wrong, Wrong, All Wrong Your Chart Is!

  1. I don’t know – I think he nails a lot of the concepts pretty well, at least in terms of MY experiences.

    Maybe this hits a little too close to home? 🙂 Didn’t you notice the lower left-hand corner with “Doubting the technical accuracy of this diagram”?


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