Send in your CFP’s now, please!

Congratulations to Christian, for being the first to submit an ApacheCon US 2008 CFP – mere hours after they opened – and to Bruce Snyder for posting the 20th CFP submission earlier this week.

To the rest of our past ApacheCon speakers, and everyone new who’d like to speak – get your ApacheCon CFP‘s in, please! We’ll have a lot of space and session tracks available in New Orleans, so we need plenty of content. Now I know that many of you traditionally wait for the last second to send in your CFP’s – why, I’m not quite sure, unless it’s to make me grey before my time. But please – in many cases you already know what you can talk about, and the CFP just needs to be the title and abstract! Please don’t make me bite my nails for the next three weeks waiting for the graph of CFP’s to pick up!

Remember, the CFP closes before ApacheCon Europe at the start of April!

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