Announcing https support – with cough syrup!

After a bit of a delay, my ISP’s otherwise simple and free SSL setup is now installed. Yay! I can now blog and share the (eventual) World Domination Thru Pithy Quotes commerce portions of my website securely. I think my 1and1 webhost (which I love, both for the reasonably geeky and the completely non-geeky) got upgraded, and the first dedicated SSL cert from GeoTrust is free, as is a shared SSL cert that they provide.

Hm. I still get the non-locked padlock in my Firefox. Wonder what I’m missing? I thought getting the cert setup for the domain (albeit a subdomain, as all domains seem to be) was like a magical wand that ensured peace of mind when browsing or posting. Er, guess I should do the obvious and update my css links and whatnot and then wonder what I missed! Oh, and then figure out the appropriate mojo to do to WP to get it secure too.

Cough syrup, lovely cough syrup. Actually, I find Ricola helps me sleep – at least somewhat. Does anyone know what pneumonia feels like? Cause I’m still sick…

5 thoughts on “Announcing https support – with cough syrup!

  1. Testing posting with https to start with (unfortunately, I have not updated the comment form, so I think the submit itself still goes thru http – sorry!)

  2. Testing posting with http. Admin-SSL is not working, so I’m seeing if I can at least force admin features over https myself, while leaving other parts of the blog either way.

  3. Sorry – still sick, haven’t had time to update the wp files to either not use a protocol or to properly use https. Must go read up on the codex for simplest way to do that. Thx for the note!

    No, I just got lucky with the expiration date – thanks for pointing it out, I’ll have to make a post about that sometime…

  4. Firefox has got the padlock when I view the site, but with a little line through it because “parts of the page you’re viewing were not encrypted.” At least it didn’t popup with a warning! Users don’t really look at the padlock do they? 😉

    You could have CSS and JS come from /blog/wp-content/themes/k2/style.css, without the “http://” in front.

    ps. Your cert has the classiest expiry I’ve ever seen: 12/12/12 !!! Was that on purpose!?!?!?!

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