Weekend Update(s); Soon Tobe Blogalot

A few random notes to use as off-brain memory, and a notice I’ll be blogging a lot more soon.

A few weekends back I had a computer-free day. In fact nearly the whole weekend was computer free. By computer-free, I mean that I neither logged in nor opened a computer – I think I didn’t even touch my laptop. It was quite nice, and mostly because I was busy with family and friends and events all day.

Last weekend was great, if very busy. Amy’s sister’s family came up with their two little ones, cousins of Roxanne. They had a blast. I’d forgotten how fast time can fly when there are a bunch of kids who all get along in the house. Also, how quickly a gallon of milk goes – although a lot of that was us adults, since they drink a lot of tea. He’s from the old country, you know, and makes a wicked pot of tea, just strong enough, plenty of warm milk, and sugar too. Along with being tasty, it’s an excellent excuse to have a lot of cookies.

Oh, and Halloween was a lot of fun. We all went trick-or-treating for a while, then Amy and Roxanne walked over to a friend’s house and I passed out candy and talked to the neighbors. Roxanne was a cat in a pink tutu – the tutu covering up the fact that we lost the tail from last year. The costume still fit, but just barely. She was very happy with it. One young boy in the neighborhood comes up with the best math geek costumes (he must be 8 or 9 now). He’s been a giant “i” (the imaginary number); pi; and this year was covered with triangles with little numbers – Pythagorean triples. Definitely a budding geek.

And I’ll be blogging a lot more soon because ApacheCon is NEARLY HERE! And I still haven’t packed, finished all the $dayjob I need to do, nor split the ApacheCon Europe CFP’s into tracks and all that for the next conference’s planning meeting. Yikes. Hope to see some of you soon!

One thought on “Weekend Update(s); Soon Tobe Blogalot

  1. Ok, so this doesn’t really relate to anything except the first 4 words (“A few random notes…”), but I need to rant, and I’m sure Shane would approve.

    I just got out of a meeting, and during the non-work related chatter part of the meeting, someone mentioned that they had a meeting scheduled with her daughter’s principal (she’s in high school). It turns out that her daughter’s “advanced English” class is reading… The Golden Compass. Now, in case you were unaware, this book is part of an evil plot by the worldwide Atheist movement to pull kids from God’s loving embrace, and thus we need to protect our innocent children from this.

    Actually, it appears that the author is indeed an atheist, but his real problem is with theocracies (such as the Taliban and the Catholic Church of Middle Ages), and does encourage that most dangerous of ideas- free thought!

    It would seem to me that you don’t have a lot of conviction in your ideas if you think that your child could be converted just by being exposed to other ideas.

    But the scariest thing is that most of the rest of the room agreed with the mom. I guess if you repeat that “Christians are an oppressed minority” enough times, people start believing it.

    Ok, I’m done now. Phew.

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