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Yes, I’m blogging this. Just sent home two very dear friends who arranged a surprise night out to celebrate my 37th birthday. Note: they were a tad late with the celebration, but that still made the surprise just as sweet. I must admit to failing my save against stun when they walked in, especially since I’d just returned from a crazy week at ApacheCon previously.

After a nicely mysterious drive into town – spoiled only by the fact they weren’t quite sure how to get there, and I was wondering if I should drive, M & M took me to see Tomb!, the interactive adventure. This amusing interlude – presuming your disbelief is suspendable, or you just enjoy watching everyone else – was the start of many a good joke for the evening. You will laugh or incur my wrath.

A quick jaunt and a moderate parking circle got us to The Elephant Walk, an excellent French/Cambodian restaurant. Veeeeery tasty. After waiting at the bar with some spring rolls and a drink – a surprisingly good French martini, which mixes gin and fruity stuff successfully – we moved to the dining room for dinner. Just about heavenly. Plus the waiter (a $dayjob co-worker of M’s) surprised us all with delivery of dessert with a candle in it for my supposed birthday celebration. Delightful overall.

Damn! It happened again. Most of the funny stories have already escaped the grasp of my conscious mind. However one theme was growing up – something we’ve each done to different degress – in the Boston area. That means there’s a whole raft of shared media experiences we have, including Candlepin Bowling and Willie Whistle, to mention but a few.

(Look! I found this posting lost in the mists of the ether!)

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  1. Have you watched the “Big Bang Theory” on cbs. The pretty girl lives across the hall from 2 physics PhDs and she is constantly saying “I have no idea what you mean by that…” in response to a shane like comment like “well, practice makes perfect doesn’t apply to some things, like suicide.”

  2. What, me?

    No, it was the correct birthday being celebrated. Remember, you have to take the Matt effect into account, meaning that he’s trying to catch up for a number of missed past years. I’m looking forward to trying to more quickly catch up to reality now that Matt (in theory) is supposed to have more free time.

    Oh, and Tomb! was fun as long as you suspend your disbelief and know what to expect. It’s surprising the number of party games and tricks they can play with just three rooms. The decoration is impressive – it’s all in plaster, yes, but everything is covered with carvings and faux wear spots and the like. It’s even more fun in the summer, for reasons I won’t blog about publicly.

    So yes, Tomb! is fun if it’s what you’re looking for (slightly goofy special effects in person), but you should plan to play along with the game if you go – or else incur his wrath!

  3. Ah, I almost took my nephew to see Tomb on Miasma’s advice. I showed him the website and he decided he wouldn’t like it because he didn’t like “historical stuff”. But that’s a longer rant for later. I look forward to hearing the details.

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