Mainely Statistics

It’s almost a shame that MasterCard has made the list-of-statistics schtick priceless – but it’s still a good schtick.

  • Days spent at the cabin in central Maine: 4
  • Door-to-door hours spent driving down home: 3.5 (DD once)
  • Door-to-door hours spent driving up there: 5 (rush hour -duh!, DD twice, Rite Aid once, finding an unlocked window once)
  • Cats brought along for the trip: 1 (Lucas – he loved it!)

  • Number of canoe rides: 3
  • Number of times Roxanne got wet: 3
  • Number of times Roxanne fell out of the canoe: 1 (while the canoe was still half on the beach, mind you. Still got my heart racing though.)
  • Length of canoe ride after Roxanne got wet: 15 minutes (she insisted on still going out, even though soaked.)

  • Minutes drive to the nearest paved intersection: ~ 10
  • Times we all drove anywhere: 3
  • Surfaces of car splashed by mud puddles: all 6

  • Books read, each adult: 2
  • Worthwhile books read, each: 0
  • Beds slept in: 3
  • Frogs caught: 2 (unrelated to any beds)

One thought on “Mainely Statistics

  1. If Roxie gets particularly attached to any frogs, she’s free to bring them home and set them loose in my pond. I think the last surviving one croaked a few weeks ago.

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