I came home to do the dishes

Well, not really, but if felt like that for a moment. Spent the past couple of days in lovely (if humid) Austin, the city that just happens to be surrounded by Texas, but is not in Texas (as a co-worker said). It was actually a lot of fun with half of my whole team at work – good brainstorming, and great food.
We also followed V’s recommendation for a movie at a nifty dinner-and-a place, where you can order food and drinks in your movie seat. The menu wasn’t huge, but had some really interesting stuff, including a decent port, a $5 super milkshake, and some very nice champagne (as a split). Oddly enough they didn’t have much popcorn on the menu.
We saw Eastern Promises, which sort of falls into the category of movies that I’m glad I’ve seen, but really don’t ever want to see again. The cinematography and acting were excellent – at being dark and foreboding. I think it was the brief but ultra-realistic violence that was the turnoff – plus the basically depressing mood that gets set throughout.
Vigo Mortensen and Naomi Watts were both great. You could almost even list the nude Vigo scene as a bonus to the movie (for people who’d find that interesting) except for the aftermath of the scene, which is definitely not very fun. All in all, it’s worth seeing on video someday if you want a dark and moody Russian mafia film.
Oh, and yes, it was me that got the outbound JetBlue flight free movies. Silver Surfer was playing, which I wanted to see but I knew few others who would. But my credit card wouldn’t work in my seatback video screen – nor in my seatmate’s screen. Luckily, she was a JetBlue pilot deadheading, and was nice enough to bargain with the flight staff – who had already heard of problems with purchasing movies – to give the whole plane free movies.
Oh, and Silver Surfer again is a movie you should see on video if you really liked the Fantastic 4. Otherwise, skip it. Pretty simplistic, although he was fairly shiny throughout.

Oh, and as is often the case, going to my meeting was a lot of fun. But coming home was just as nice, especially to a nice home-cooked dinner and some stories of what Roxanne had been doing while I was gone. That included drawing out a (recognizeable!) scene from The Big Hungry Bear, and learning to type her own name. And then after dinner, I got to do the dishes. Ah, back to normal life.

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