A Milestone Weekend

Much of this Labor Day long weekend has been the stuff that memories are made of, but that makes for bad stories. It was the classic relaxing, enjoying, eating, visiting, good weather, lots of fun and just enough naps kind of time that you wish would last longer, and want to talk all about until you remember that listening (or reading) about that kind of stuff is dull. Unless you were there, and then you smile. And remember the excellent food – too much of it. And then remember that you’re going to have to go back to your regular workout soon.
The milestone was separate, although it did have to do with traveling. We were in CT staying with family, and had finished dinner and were saying good byes to the other dinner guests who came over as well. Then, it happened. One minute, we were all saying our goodbyes and Roxanne was giving hugs, and the next minute she was gone! Toothbrush, spare diaper, and “baby doll” in hand. she had accepted aunt Susan’s incautious offer for a sleepover, and we were suddenly alone.
Well, the in-laws were still there – it’s their house! – but we were alone as we’ve never been for nearly 3 years. This was her first sleepover ever, and it all happened on a whim of Susan’s. She asked, Roxanne said yes in a matter of fact way, and there it was.
I guess the metaphor (that I’m far too tired to awaken from my fingers at the moment) is all about how parents so much aren’t in charge, and how it’s often a surprise when the children are ready for something before the parents are.

It was great, by the way. We stayed up late watching cable (we don’t watch TV at home), and the only unfortunate thing was that I, Robot was the best thing on. We slept in a little bit late, and then helped to make breakfast in an oddly quiet house. Given the sleeping arrangements, I hardly even noticed, except for a small empty something that was missing in my brain.
Oh, and she had a great night too, as reported by Susan. Got ready for bed, slept on the special bouncy air mattress in her cousin’s room, was fine when she woke up, and even walked the long walk over to grandma’s house where we were staying – nearly late for breakfast too!
All in all a good weekend. Thanks, all!

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