“Restore my faith in humanity”

Crazybob said it. Greg Stein was mugged last week, as most ASF folks know by now. Greg is also an amazing human being, and totally one not to deserve such treatment – and one who would never have let this happen if he hadn’t already been on crutches.
(Stupid humor begins) Heck, I can picture a celebrity deathmatch between Greg and a mugger and a bottle of scotch. Greg drinks the scotch, gives the bottle to the mugger, and the fight begins. Although injured and bleeding, Greg comes out victorious with the mugger lying broken on the floor, screaming “No more! No more! I promise never to svn co the trunk again! Please make it stop!” (Stupid humor ends)
If you don’t know Greg, you’ll just have to trust me that this guy deserves better. In fact several people have gotten together a Google group to accept donations (authorized by Greg) to ease Greg’s recuperation and try, in a small way, to give him back a tiny bit of the code and love he’s given to the world.

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