Open source user registration/listing software?

I have this grand idea to start a second blog, called simply enough, Questions. It’s where I’d put all those random little questions that I’m curious about, but don’t necessarily have the time or impetus at the moment to track them down.
I’m tempted to keep it in this blog, but I’m not sure I want to bore all my readers with my zillions of little punderings, like why is the sky blue (I know that one, actually), how come my WordPress setup doesn’t quite do X right, and why does Domino insist on doing Y even when you tell it not to. See, most of them are pretty geeky, and not terribly interesting.
They are, however, interesting to me, and I figure I should give technology a chance to help me answer them. Heck, even without trying I have a fair number of readers. And that includes people beyond old friends and PlanetApache feeds – just look at the comments on my Major Mudd post. So why not take the one in a million chance that one of my readers happens to know the answer to my Questions off the top of their head?

Oh, I see you’ve noticed that I haven’t given you any details about the actual Question I’m meaning to ask in this post, haven’t you? Well, here goes:

I need an open source data driven website ‘thing’. Basically, I run, and have long wanted it to serve as a homepage for Curcuru’s worldwide (there aren’t that many of us). I figure the simplest thing is a basic web form where anyone can register themselves as a Curcuru, including their name, a short paragraph about who/where they are, and an optional URL. I should also have a checkbox for business or personal listings.
Obviously, it’ll need a CAPTCHA or similar spam-defeating technology. I’d also love a simple way to plugin the URLs that are submitted to be checked against obvious spam sites, like Akismet does so wonderfully for WordPress.
Then there’d be a simple administrative page that let’s me mark entries as accepted or not. Accepted entries then get displayed in a simple list page, that can serve as a home link page for anyone named Curcuru. Hopefully this might engender a few familial contacts between our far-flung relatives – we’re pretty sure we’re all related through common ancestors in the Mediterranean.
I have MySQL, PHP 4 & 5, Perl, python, and some other basic Unix stuff available on my hosting account. Given all that, do any of my readers have great ideas of some turnkey system I could install to do the above?
Yes, I know, I’m supposed to have a little geek cred, and while I do know how to read PHP (one of the more obvious solutions), I really don’t have the mental energy to go build this myself right now. And I do have this strange need to host the solution myself, so I don’t just want to build a Ning or other insta-social website from any of the many great providers these days.

3 thoughts on “Open source user registration/listing software?

  1. Yeah, the same conclusion came to me about a week ago. It’s not exactly what I want – I’d really like a few extra dropdown or simple text fields for categorization – but it’s close. More importantly, it’s easy: I can just create a Page that allows comments, and point the comments field to Akismet for first line spam defense.

    I may just do that (when time permits) and plan on making strong instructions (re: format of the comment), and editing comments to force consistency of how they’re presented.

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