Lots of exciting stuff I can’t talk about

Actually I probably could talk about the bulk of my experiences at the recent Extreme Blue Expo this week, filing off the details of any confidential business material. But I tend to simply not blog about work issues, so I don’t have to worry about confidential stuff or about what kinds of comments I make about my work.
It was a great Expo though. Expo is the chance for all the Extreme Blue summer interns in the US and Canada to come to the ILC – literally next door to CHQ – and show off their projects. The presentations are typically amazing, and sometimes they’re even better than that. The energy level is high, and it’s both a great business networking day and a whole lotta fun. And almost unbelievably, the weather was nice this year, instead of being the traditional New York hot and humid.
Unfortunately the energy level usually drops after you finish travelling home – even though it was only a 3 1/2 hour drive home, I was pretty wiped out the next day. But it was well worth the trip, and the feedback from all levels of participants was that it was a great event.

One thought on “Lots of exciting stuff I can’t talk about

  1. Yea, well, I got secret stuff of my own. Only last week I got a notice for a secret epsilon test that is much cooler then the last test. Alas, my XXXXXXXXX is being RMA’d so I can’t participate unless the replacement comes back quickly. Jackson almost cried, and I wanted to put a stick in my eye to make the pain go away.

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