Where can you see 6 fireworks displays from the same seat?

I did. I suppose it’s not an amazing feat, but it was still pretty cool for me. The weekend after 4th of July we spent at my grandparent’s place on the shoreline, and the local towns had a number of fireworks displays throughout the week.
On Friday night, we had a double bonus. First, we let Roxanne stay up until the first scheduled town fireworks display. We were out late anyway, but it wasn’t hard to keep her up a little later. Then, the town across the bay started their display, which from our perspective as still pretty obvious. Not sky-filling, certainly, but big enough to be fun, with a reasonable echo following after each set of shells. She really seemed to like it, which was gratifying. Even better was the group of homeowners right down the shoreline with their own roman candles and small-sized rockets. I think she liked those better because the sound was much more obviously associated with the display.
But the second bonus was staying up. From a comfy chair on our screened porch, I ended up watching 6 separate displays across the bay. They included two nearby town displays, which were quite loud and lasted about 20 min each – with some overlap, and plenty of echo’d reports. There were three other twon displays further away, so no sound, but plenty of pretty colors. Plus the nearby neighbors continued to send off roman candles every now and then through the night.
Overall, it was a great display, and reminded me how much I love fireworks. Unfortunately it may be a few years before Roxanne really appreciates the best spot: right underneath the big ones, so the flowers fill the sky, and so the reports from the finale shake the ground around you. Ah, the sound of safe explosions.

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