Thank you Amy

Thank you for being such a wonderful wife to me, and mother to our child.
No, really, thanks for a wonderful weekend away. Amy called me a Friday afternoon recently, casually asking about our weekend plans. I must have been in a suspicious mood that day, because I thought in the back of my mind she was planning a brunch with her parents, who we’d been meaning to see for ages.
Little did I know that late that night before falling asleep she’d prompted Roxanne to tell me we’d be going to the hotel by the beach! We tried, but Roxanne couldn’t quite get the destination of “Mystic” out, but I understood well enough. Unfortunately it was rather late, so I don’t think I gave her as good a reaction as she expected on my part.
The weather was nearly perfect for the whole weekend, and the trip down was pretty good – straight down I-95 with Roxanne sleeping for a while after our DD lunch. The weather was so right in the middle I ended up getting both a hot and an iced coffee with our sandwiches. Nice contrast.
Arriving, we decided Roxanne would be more interested in the Aquarium, expensive ticket prices notwithstanding. She had a great time watching the whales do some tricks and trying to touch the rays in the pool. I think the highlight was the sea lion show, however. All the glitz and fancy announcers (they’ve gone upscale since I last saw it!) weren’t what she wanted – she spent the whole show staring intently at the performing sea lions on stage. It was one of those experiences where it’s hard to tell how excited she is, unless you’re watching just how intense her gaze is. She even tried to raise her hand to play the game show they do, once she realized the prize was a free ice cream cone.
Our motel was fine, but dinner at Go Fish was great. She didn’t eat all that well, but the fish was just right and the wine flight was certainly pleasant. Sunday didn’t go quite as planned, since she was acting like a 2 year old in the morning, so we never got to go to the beach. We saw dad’s favorite, the submarine museum in Groton, CT. Roxanne was even patient enough for us to walk through the entire USS Nautilus and let me read a few of the signs, which was nice. I tried to get her excited about the periscope display inside the museum – real working periscopes, which you can turn and focus – but that was a little conceptual for her yet.
A necessary detour to Westerly, RI to calm a fussing child strapped into her seat ensued on the way home; other than some serious parking infrastructure issues the damn town has, Roxanne loved the children-only Flying Horse Carousel there, and even after her three rides wanted to stay around just watching the other kids ride. A bag of popcorn and a much needed and surprisingly delicious lemonade saved the day for the long drive home.
One problem with weekends is that they’re too short!

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