My journey to the dark side has begun

Much like the dark side, I can’t actually share any details of this post, since they relate to work. Needless to say as the result of an hour long meeting – during which I said little, answered 2 instant messages, wrote three emails answering technical questions, and migrate 1,500 documents – I’ve begun a serious slide into the darkness of business processes. The fourth email I wrote came back with management approval for my progress into the dark side during the meeting, which I found highly amusing.
Hmmm, must find a new Darth-name to make fun of…

2 thoughts on “My journey to the dark side has begun

  1. (Checks whois to see if it’s taken – duh, of course it is…)

    No, do NOT go to that domain name, it’s an annoying ad-laden cheeziod search engine profiting from the misspelling of others.

    No, not a new job (as someone else mentioned), just the realization that I’m sliding. Simply acting in light-like ways or dark-like ways don’t necessarily control your mitichloridian-ish fate. It’s the active choices you make. And the whole journey often goes back and forth many times for most people.
    But there is the moment when you realize that some of your choices – apparently innocent and normal (for you) when taken individually – show a clear tendency to slide in one direction or the other.
    What I’m pondering on here is that realization itself: not just the acts, but the understanding of what the acts mean, and your choices in performing them. It’s kind of an interesting thought exercise, and is definitely an excuse to more seriously consider what your own life plans and goals are.

    Oh, and in this case light side == technology, dark side == business. What, you think I’d ever work for the true dark side of the high tech world, no matter how much one dear friend of mine who works there likes it? Geeez. And business may not be dark for some people, but for an engineer and a geek like me, it’s definitely a questionable action.

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