The year of milestone birthdays

Yes, it’s that year for me. Not the first big round after college of friends in similar age to you, but the next one. It’s actually pretty surreal, because it completely doesn’t seem real, but it also seems like just the right kind of time to have them.
I’ve only had the chance to go to the parties for two friends, but they were both a blast. It’s also amazing how easy it is to stay up until 2AM – even for a parent of a toddler – when you’re doing something fun with friends. (This post would be notably longer except for the fact of my exhaustion).
In any case, many thanks to Kim for putting on the spectacular surprise party, and for JB for being the consummate host as ever – even of his own birthday party. I’ve always thought that Dire Strait’s My Parties could have been written about JB. And I never imagined that that many lobsters could all fit into the same pot (and come out so deliciously!).
More on birthdays later, I think: but you’ll have to wait, since I tend to be late with things (like presents and cards, sigh).

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