The middle of the road seems to be gone

One fun thing – for me, anyway – with having a fractal commute is that I get to see varied scenery each day. Not only plenty of variety with the side streets I tend to take in my quest to avoid the big stoplights, but also different streets as I experiment with shortest time or with fractality attempts with my route.
Somehow in the past week I’ve wandered into what seems like half of the road construction in eastern MA. Some days I’ve passed by a half-dozen different road crews digging up the road – almost one per mile of commute. And they’re not small ones – no, no, big sections or strips of the road are coming up.
The funny thing is, in most of the cases they’re digging up the middle of the road – either in long narrow trenches for one new pipe, or in big chunks for who knows what. This means traffic can still flow – but usually pretty slowly. In a couple of cases, there are several local businesses that must definitely be feeling the effect of reduced traffic and no parking on their block.
Is this the usual spring/early summer workload to replace underroad infrastructure, and my seasonal memory has just forgotten it over the year? Or am I extra special lucky-guy to have this many road crews right in the middle of the road this month?

Hmmmm. Thinking about the title of my post, that could equally refer to the situation in US politics these days. Sigh.

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