Shiny new WordPress 2.2

Just upgraded, it looks quite nice.  I know, there are a ton of blogging packages out there, but I already like this one, and many of the folks who work on it seem pretty nice.  Plus, it’s full featured, and while it offers easy administration, it has enough extensibility built in that if I really want to I can mess around with the internals.  Although I find that mostly I just want something that works well, so I can spend my messing around time with some new software, not stuff I want to work all the time.  Color me wimpy with my main website.

I am interested in living a more secure lifestyle, so if folks have suggestions, especially about getting things like’s SSL secure admin plugin and the like, let me know.  I still haven’t sprung for a decent SSL cert yet, I’m still just using the one that 1and1 provides for you by default.  Partly out of laziness, and partly because I’m still deciding what things to put on this site, like an eventual family picture gallery.  Yes, there’s flicrk, and I have cat pictures up there, but home and family pictures are going to say on my own server for now.  Color me – privacy minded, sometimes.

Apologies for the boring post, mostly just wanted to see how the new 2.2 version works.  Oh, drat, must remember to re-configure my ATOM feed…  Bah to RSS!

2 thoughts on “Shiny new WordPress 2.2

  1. Testing admin-ssl plugin for securing admin pages – not quite working yet!

    Sigh. As reported in the WP forums, the tinyMCE editor in WP 2.2 isn’t working yet in Firefox either. Drat!

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