Hello to old friends!

For a variety of reasons, I was recently inspired to look up a number of high school friends and teachers. So this post is my way of saying “Hi, long time no… read about!” to anyone who’s coming to look at my blog.

I don’t know about everyone else – especially those in Europe or outside of the US, who seem to have a very different rythm to their school systems – but high school was really a defining moment for me. The experiences, environment, teachers, and friends I made from sophomore through senior year in high school are still important to me today. I hope I can get back in touch with some of those old friends now. We’ll see. You can’t go back again, or rather, everything is different if you go back. And it really helps to have some better writing in your blog postings too, something I hope to do once I’ve had more coffee today – or less pollen, in any case.

P.S. to some retiring teachers – and those who are still there! – especially S.E.T. and G.H., many thanks for your teaching, humor, and experiences. They did make a difference.

3 thoughts on “Hello to old friends!

  1. It was a blast at the reunion – I should blog it. Emma says hi, as do S.E.T. and another english teancher named Ron… (argh, brain freeze) who I never had but I passed on your regards to; he seemed pleased that both you and Brian are in the oedilf. I missed seeing P.H. but our old film teacher was there, as well as G.H., who looked absolutely classic with his grey beard and long hair.

  2. I know what you mean. My biggest problem is that the people I’m really curious aren’t from the year I graduated, but are older or younger. [Not that I’m not curious about the ones my year, but I keep in touch with them more or less- Shane being one of them.]

    I always thought it would be great to have a reunion of our clique of clever outcasts, one of the best collections of nerds ever. But the thought of planning and organizing it always seemed too daunting. So, instead I just sit back and wish that I would bother to do it

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