OMG, now I’m hungry for a drive

The “fab” Skoda advert, where you can have your cake and drive it too. OK, I admit part of the pavlovian response is the music – Julie Andrews singing the classic whiskers on kittens, which my daughter loves. But the cake car they built looks fabulous. And the commercial itself is pretty funny – along with the obvious music video editing emphasizing the dichotomy of industrial baking and a finished life-like model of an automobile – includes just one touching moment of one of the bakers taking a fingerfull of batter as they mix.

As RibaRambles points out (via many other sources) there’s a making of video as well.  Ooooh, you have to check out at 4:07 when they’re building such a complete cake replica of the engine itself that someone pours in chocolate engine oil into the top of the crankcase!
Now I need more dessert. Who cares if it’s thirds; it’s a holiday weekend.

One thought on “OMG, now I’m hungry for a drive

  1. The girls and I took the links to both videos and they were so much fun! Emily wanted to know if it was done at the CIA (in Hyde Park, NY) since we had gone there to have breakfast and to tour the school over spring break.

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