Low-key edamame at McDonalds

I love my friends.  It’s a shame I don’t get to see enough of them these days.  One is a writer – well, he should be a novel writer, with a name like Bret Thorn – a food service industry columnist.  He writes the funniest (and tastiest) stuff, although I have to say he’s much funnier in person.

I guess if you introduce edamame to mainstream America you can afford to be low-key about it.

Read more about the food industry and the latest in restaraunt trends. Heck, I didn’t know that McDonalds was currently introducing Americans to edamame this year!  They are good, but I’ll save my edamame experiences for decent sushi restaraunts, when you can get a nice warm salted bowl as an appetizer beforehand.

More essays on friends later.

2 thoughts on “Low-key edamame at McDonalds

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  2. Actually, Dan introduced edamame at McDonald’s a year or two ago in his Asian salad. At the panel we were on together at this year’s National Restaurant Association show, he said that one reason he added edamame to the salad was for its durability.

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