Sorry for the quietness: I pulled my back out early this week, and haven’t been able to sit at a computer for several days.  That, plus work that really needs to get done these two weeks, means I have been neglecting my “personal networking” duties.  Sigh.

Lesson: take care of your body, because you will really need it to work later on in life.  This applies throughout life, although as many adages about human aging go, the young are the ones with the most to benefit, but the least likely to heed.  It feels like my youth was definitely wasted on my younger years!

Heck, that’d be one of the best reasons to invent time travel (backwards, that is).  Sending yourself back to advise your younger self would have to be the best thing most people could do for themselves.

Gods, I never even knew (I didn’t know until just now; I have been in a state of not being aware of…) that Asimov wrote more articles about Thiotimoline!  I must start thinking about reading them soon!

One thought on “Ouch!

  1. I really feel for you, Shane – I’m suffering myself right now. My girls and I drove to NY to visit my mother for Spring Break and upon returning yesterday, I did something (twisted wrong while carrying the shop vac and the carpet cleaner to the car?) that’s left me barely able to function, even with three naprocins. (That’s our secret – my husband would only give me two this morning but I took another about an hour ago and now I can sit up!)

    Unfortunately, I fear our younger selves won’t listen to the old geezers who come back to lecture them unless there’s something (immediate) in it for them – just look at the Back to the Future movies. Most people don’t listen to themselves even when they know better (“don’t drink that… don’t eat that… don’t try to jump over that… you’ll be sorry!”) and they wind up ‘learning’ the same lessons over and over again. And to illustrate that, just watch any AFV episode!

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