Calling Akismet/WordPress Gurus: fight evil trackbacks

Apologies if I’m overreacting – it’s been a long day.

Has anyone else seen wierd trackbacks from elliottback dot com show up on their blogs, esp. WordPress ones?  I just got an odd one, which simply led to a WordPress blog with zero original content – just trackback’d entries, which are all posted to that blog as if they were the other person’s blog post.  Oh, sorry, they’re all credited as:

“Original post by blah blah and software by Eliott the Google Adwords shyster”

Of course, this guy apparently runs a bunch of other no-original-content blogs (from my admittedly 5 minute searching) which all include only targeted trackback posts from other blogs – and of course, a huge Google AdWords install.

Is it just me, or do I have some backing in being a mite pissed off?  I mean, really, I’m totally small potatoes in the blogosphere, so I really don’t expect to be the target of leeches.  (And Akismet makes spammers work invisible, which is perfect – thanks, Akismet-folk!)

2 thoughts on “Calling Akismet/WordPress Gurus: fight evil trackbacks

  1. The problem with Akismet is that it and their users easily and wrongfully blacklists countless of domains of which doesn’t deserve the permanent life time ban. Akismet has become a new sort of Internet police that can easily be used to black list ones competitors.

    The fact is that it doesn’t take much to get on this ban list, and when some blog owner has decided that you belong there? Well there isn’t anything that you can do. Akismet won’t answer your requests. It’s a complete missuse of power from bottom to top.

    In my view, Akismet has the same status as all the crappy spam filters we see in email accounts. You still have to treat the spam folder as your inbox. Important mails end up in the spam folder every other day. What’s the point of a spam folder when you still have to treat it as an inbox and sort through all those mails in order to not miss any wanted mails?

    The same applies to Akismet. Even on the local level the blog owners doesn’t have any power to white list a domain. What I mean is as simple as follows. If a blog owner finds a comment in the spam folder which he doesn’t think belong there and white list it, the domain will still be black listed even on the local level. So the next time that person comments on the blog it will still count as spam, even though the owner has explicitly marked it as okay on his blog.

  2. Awesome! This blog post is by far the highest hit on the spammer’s commenting list – I’m still getting tons of spam comments/trackbacks on this posting three years later!

    Thank you, Akismet!

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