The Good and the Bad of Human Behavior

Two diametric links about proper (or improper) human behavior I stumbled upon today I thought I would share.

Xiphias writes about fundamental rights, human behavior, and what our Constitution and Governments have to do with them – very little, in his eloquent and positively thought-provoking words. I just wish I could make trackbacks out of Livejournal.

things I think everyone should know
– Xiphias

Which reminds me of an interesting phrase I copied when writing some acceptable use guidelines for a work-hosted discussion database. Not something I enjoyed having to include, but important when your forum is actually owned by someone else (i.e. not a public street, etc.):

Correctly interpreted, the First Amendment does not prohibit all restrictions on speech. It doesn’t prohibit private restrictions at all. Our constitution is a series of constraints on government, not on individuals or even powerful corporations.
Wired, 4.03

On the other hand, we have The Prince re-imagined as The Little Prince, so to speak. A novel graphical view of Machiavelli, as wryly translated for children.

A Child’s Machiavelli
– Claudia Hart

Definitely something you don’t want your youngsters reading until they’ve found their own moral center (hopefully, one you approve of).

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