Paper? What’s that?

One of those strange moments happened on SameTime today, when a I asked a co-worker for the slides from a team planning meeting from last year.  She mentioned that she had just shipped a box of them out to the other manager (this is two reorgs later), so I should ask that other person once they got it.  I had to ask what was in the box.

Paper?  What’s that?

Paper is those thin white sheets you have to find when the printer outside of your office starts beeping incessantly.  Once you find enough sheets of the stuff to stick into it’s maw, the printer will be quiet again and you can go back to your email.

The other funny observation today is that when the postman comes to deliver the mail at home – which I don’t think of as ‘paper’ but rather ‘bills’ and ‘junkmail’ – my daughter yells excitedly “The e-mail is here!”.  Very cute.

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