Have you tried Tiddling?


The coolest wiki ever since sliced bread.  In fact that may inspire me to create a new category “Sliced Bread” – just for cool and useful stuff I find.

Tiddlywiki is an entire wiki coded in a single 200k HTML file.  This means you can simply download their empty.html to your local disk (and change the name – mywiki.html).  Open that fine in your modern browser.  Play with it.  It’s an entire wiki system – in one file, on your hard disk.  You can edit it, add sections, html links, wikilinks, change a bunch of settings, and such.  Very useful as a mini-notepad that you can use anywhere you have a browser.  Almost as good as a magical yellow sticky application that would actually keep all your notes handy when you need them, but out of the way otherwise.

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