To-do, to-do… too much to do

Actually, it’s the normal amount to do, I’m just not managing time very well.  Life as normal, I suppose.

LinkedIn continues to grow, I’m over 70 contacts without even trying very hard.  It’s becoming a game in a way, which is not the right way to look at it.  But their web ui is very good at focusing you on using the system more, which makes sense.  I still don’t need to pay; the free account is fine, ha ha.  But at least I’m at “100% complete” profile, now that a few kind friends sent me recommendations!

The weekend is in CT with Mimsley and company – relaxing as usual.  The only disappointment (besides no potato chips) is that Saturday night on cable TV is pretty darn boring.  I mean, coming to CT – after Roxanne goes to bed – is one of the very few times I get to flip thru cable anymore.  And the one time I can – nothing.  Even SciFi has a pair of cheezy – but not the right kind of cheeze – movies that are almost painfully bad to watch.  Cheap digital production, cable TV, and new distribution mechanisims mean that lots of new talent gets to try their hand at making movies.  Unfortunately the percentage of decent talent is pretty small.

Otherwise even the weather is cooperating: warm for November and nice and sunny.  The kids got to spend plenty of time running around in the yard.  It’s so nice for Roxanne to spend time with the cousins – it’s really fun to watch her chase around after Evelyn and company, and they have a lot of fun with her.

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