Someone else remembers Major Mudd!

OK, Google shows that a fair number of people also remember the good Major, so I suppose it’s no surprise.  But it’s still one of those names that made me laugh out loud when I read it in the “Pierced” column of the weekly Globe magazine this week.  I don’t even know clearly what the full memory of the old Muddster was, but it was a happy one, one of those childhood essences of the golden old days.

Several sites have general info (disappointingly not as detailed as I’d like to see) on the whole raft of shows from that era, ones that I every now and then mention to my friends, most of whom go “Huh?” at me.  At least all of those who didn’t grow up around here.  It’s kind of like my standby question to see how long someone’s actually lived in eastern MA.  “Where do you get if you turn left on Spitbrook, right on Daniel Webster?”

If you know the answer, then congratulations, you used to live in MA (or NH) a loooong time ago, just like me.

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  1. Does anyone know if video’s can be purchased or can be seen any where? The last time all of my cousins were together was on the Major Mudd Show when we were young. One of them passed away 2 years later and this would be a perfect family treasure for everyone to have.

    • Thanks for commenting! Sorry, while I haven’t searched in-depth, I doubt there are any obviously available archives of Major Mudd. The many changes and controversies at Ch. 7 back then mean that even if you know someone who worked there (I did, my father – although he passed away a while back) it’s still unlikely they have actual tapes.

      Try searching across youtube and the web, new people show up now and then to post new info!


  2. I remember the mudder..i do not rember many facts of the show..But i do know that my sister and i watched…every now and then when were of will bring up The Major Mudde show..thanks for the memories.Magor..

  3. I was asked by a friend if there is a value placed on an autographed picture of Major Mudd in his uniform/helmet. Is there a site to check? I also was a big fan.

  4. 🙂 I was lucky enough to be on the Maor Mudd Show around 68 and won a giant tootsie roll,Those were the days for clean television and now long lost,what a shame 🙁

  5. I’ve been thinking about Halloween now that it’s October. I lived across the street from Ed McDonnell and his family. I spent so many waking hours at their house, but I would not go near their home on Halloween. They always had the place decorated to the nines: spooky sounds and all. My dad would bring my brothers and sister over to trick or treat and then come back to get me. I was terrified!

  6. to all who grew up as kids in the 60’s, this was a show that to kids you woke up every morn to see. I grew up on Pease air force base and my brother and I would go early in morning to a friends house up the street to watch it cuz both parents were working. On the air force base the houses are duplex units,sorry,were. And as the melting pot of society, we were not exposed to the politics of the outside world and as kids, didnt have a reason to. Major Mudd was like, well, I cant really think of a kids show today because today, the market is saturated with too much. Major Mudd was good for us and as I close, The family
    we used to go over to just had there father pass away and as I was reminiscing on that,MAJOR MUDD struck me cuz as he was leaving to go to work, us kids would sit down with cereal and pop tarts and be excited to watch, ENUFF SAID

  7. I grew up in Canton MA and was on the Major Mudd show around 1966-67. I remember being shocked to discover the set was plywood and not a real spaceship. The troublesome airlock door was actually a stage hand wiggling the door. I didn’t tell anyone at school I was on the show but when it aired and they saw me, I became an instant celebrity of the third grade. Too bad they don’t have TV shows where kids can participate anymore.

  8. I also remember Major Mudd. My son appeared on Major Mudd. Major Mudd held him the whole time the show was on. How I wish there was some way to get a video of that show…..

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