Ready to blog again; comment note

Good weekend, and I’m about to have my second Lotus sabbatical, so I’m actually, really, honest-to-goodness, finally, really mean it this time, start blogging again.  No, really.  I definitely mean it this time.

Heck, I’ll even leave this post as ‘Uncategorized’, hinting (mostly to myself) that someday this will be a site of rich content from Shane, and that I don’t need to count such a simple and pointless post in my future categories.  Not that most blogs aren’t personal, and sometimes seem pointless to the outside observer: that’s a key point to the idea of a blog.  You write, people might read.

Anyway, I wanted to mention that I’ve added a new auto-spam word to my comment system: “m y  s p a c e”.  Any comments with those characters in them will be silently and efficently dev/null’d.  The rest of the few spams that get through my spamsystem are either infrequent enough or amusing enough that I’ll moderate them away now and then.  But some luzer M-S type came and went through the whole darn site and spammed, so that’s not worth my time.  Plus, the whole M-S image of the net is so far away from my world that I just don’t need it.  Useful service for some, perhaps, but it still feels like it’s too frequently mis- or poorly-used to be valuable on the larger scale.

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