Weekend in CT

Went to Mimsley’s for the weekend – very nice.  A bit hot, even down there at the house that’s always cold.  Roxanne had a lot of fun playing with the cousins who came over in the afternoon.  The little push-car was a big hit as always, until we had to hide it when she won’t do anything else.  And of course she saw me filling up the blow-up pool in the yard right away, and insisted in splashing in it, even though the water was still cold from the hose – brrr!  We had to start emptying the pool before she and her cousin Helen turned too blue.

Many thanks to Mimsley for putting on such a delightful picnic dinner!  She had stuff in the fridge marked “No peeking!” and created a picnic table on their new patio.  Very nice.
Traffic was fine, mostly because we drove late Friday night and mid-day Sunday.  Ended up using the air conditioner though.

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