Visiting Long Island

Finally got down to my grandparent’s place on Long Island. It was far too short a trip, but jobs and time factors were a definite issue. My father and friend Karen were down for a long weekend – and of course it was raining all that week too. I always forget just how humid rainy weather can be at the shoreline.

Roxanne did amazingly well on almost all of the trip. It was a lot of traveling in just two days. Of course the new emergency toy I had saved up came in handy: a realistic looking toy cell phone. Kind of silly, but the cool part is you can record your own voice as one of the buttons. That was worth more than a half-hour of silence – er, of noise, but happy noise.

The ferry ride was fine, until they blew the horn to announce departure. I tried to explain it was just once, to say ‘get out of the way, here comes the ferryboat’! Of course the fact it was thick fog across the sound put the lie in that, as they started blowing it every 5 minutes. Even inside that was a bit much, so we sat for a while holding our hands over her ears (very cute in some ways) until she actually took a nap.

Having grown used to being able to stay at my grandparents place, I forgot how difficult finding lodging can be in some vacation spots! Half the hotels and B&Bs laughed at me – nicely – when I asked about a single-night weekend rental. Oh well. We slept on the single bed and the couch at home, which actually ended up fine since with Roxie we were up first anyways.

Dinner was nice – Soundview Inn, where we hadn’t been for quite a while. But my grandparents still knew one of the waitresses from long ago. Roxie did a good job again, although she was so attached to the idea of mom’s strawberry daiquiri that we had to get her a non-alcoholic one for herself.

A quick trip to Wickham’s for pies, some sitting around watching Roxanne play, and a big breakfast rounded out the weekend. Oh, and a stop at Zip’s diner in Killingly, CT on the way home too. For some reason, Roxanne would just not fall asleep in the car on the way back. A hurried lunch, then some fussing, and finally she was out for the expected nap. Phew!

(Grrr, WP isn’t properly pre-dating my posts even though I’ve asked it to. Oh well, no, wait, let me try it this way.)

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