The next Web will not be 2.0

Via /. and numerous other posts:  Local non-profit Irish IT group cease-and-desisted over use of “Web 2.0” name by CMP Media.

O’Reilly – a large and usually pretty cool technology publisher – is starting to beat up anyone who uses “Web 2.0”.  Ooops!  I’m certainly not the first, but I will say it anyways: “My Web 3.0 will be the best product out there!”.  Or how about “Web 2007”?

I definitely do appreciate intellectual property rights.  But there are far too many places these days where they’re going amok.  Heck, why don’t we all get Tim B-L to cite some precedent over the term “Web” itself, and threaten to mess with everyone?  (I know, I know: trademarks only apply if you actually use them for trade, which I don’t think Sir Tim would do).

Hmmm, I smell a business opportunity for some techie who’s worked with code for a long time.  Troll patent and copyright cases, and then do the research to invalidate them, by showing that working code doing the same thing was built 3 years earlier in some obscure place or whatever.

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